Now it’s getting personal…

The MOTU toy-line holds a special place in my heart. He-Man and his friends (as well as foes) were my first  “actors” that I used to tell my stories.  Mattel’s creation has had a non-negligible influence on my imagination and my need to create new worlds.


It was only a matter of time before we absolutely HAD to feature this book in our Paper Cut category:-)


This work tries to be as complete as possible, exploring the origins of the characters, early toy-designs and featuring every MOTU toy ever made.


It also takes a look at the animated series, which contributed hugely to the success of the 80s toy line.


My personal  favorite part is the section depicting all of the incredible box-art that came with the toys.


Needless to say, I strongly recommend this book, if only for purely nostagic reasons.

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