Feature films have been made for over a hundred years and it’s possible that you’ve missed one or two good ones.This column should help you digging through past films that are well worth your time.

In Galaxy Quest, we follow the misadventures of the cast of a defunct television series who survive by doing one convention panel after the other. Frustrated and hating each other, the actors are suddenly confronted with a real intergalactic threat. An alien race, who have been following their adventures on the Star Trek-like TV-show and thinking it was all real, kidnap the cast and force them to fight an alien invasion on their home planet.

Boasting an incredible cast (Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Allan Rickman…), Galaxy Quest manages to tell a great story, to criticise as well as pay an hommage to Science Fiction films and fandom and, most important of all, be entertaining.

Galaxy Quest is the perfect mix of adventure and comedy, while still respecting its audience.

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